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I am a Sound Healing therapist, Meditation facilitator, and Grief Recovery Specialist. Originally a drummer hailing from New York City, with roots in Brittany (France), I am now established in Ireland's beautiful Sunny SouthEast countryside

  • Experience 


A musician by passion, then trade, I have lived and breathed instruments and percussions all my life, and professionally for half of it.  As a musician, I have incorporated instruments associated with “sound healing”, such as gongs, bowls, frame drums, bells, shakers, chimes, etc. into my playing.  Most notably for jazz and singer-songwriter music. Sometimes I used them almost exclusively, such as for my more “avant-garde” exploratory performances. 

After years of performing and recording as an artist, it became evident to me that my passion for and skills in music and sounds would naturally and effortlessly combine with my appreciation and practice of yoga and meditation, and lead me to also perform for deep relaxation and wellness purposes as well as for spiritual development. I immersed myself in my own research, study, and practice of the healing power of sounds. 

Likewise, processing then surpassing emotional abuse, grief, and trauma are not just mere words and conceptualizing to me. That is my experience of many years.  My story.  My journey. It shapes the "pay it forward" mission of care I am lead to pursue. Fortunate to still be alive today, my sound healing and wellness practice is experience-based, care-driven, and my life purpose.     

Sound baths, and musical recordings of mine or from musicians I partnered with are available on this website, to listen to or purchase.  I am available for private, semi-private, or group sound healing sessions and sound baths, with or without meditation. Please inquire for more information and details.

  • Training 

I studied

Sound healing with the Sound Healing Academy,

Integrative Restoration Meditation with Richard C. Miller,

Grief healing with the Grief Recovery Institute,

Solfeggio music theory, and vocals with soprano Patrizia Cioffi (Italian International Orchestra, Bratislava Chamber Choir, Pavel Prochazka),

Drums with Joe Cusatis (Chet Baker, Marian McPartland), Elvin Jones (John Coltrane), Joe Morello (Dave Brubeck), and Barry Altschul (Chick Corea), and

Percussions with worldwide native musicians.


  • Integral Sound Healing


I favor "Integral" Sound Healing.  Integral because it is comprehensive, that is, meant to address the Source Energy / Lifeforce Energy, out of which vibration - life- comes. 


Integral Sound Healing is especially beneficial because incorporates and addresses all 5 Elements of Consciousness. 

Spirit, Soul, Mind, Emotion, and Body. 

Also Ether, plasma, Gas, Liquid, Solid and the 5 elements of physics; the Spirit, Earth, Air, Water, Fire from Shamanic healing; Chia source energy and the Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood 5 elements of Chinese medicine); Cosmos, Nature, Community, Family (and Friends), Person and the 5 Elements of Connection; Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth in the 5 Elements of Ayurvedic Medicine. 


  • Altruistic Intention 

One person, a small group, or an audience...  I care about you, and I make no apologies for it. I feel Intention is absolutely essential when working with sound because the altruistic element is perhaps the most essential component of sound healing.  

Frequency + intent = Healing.  Healing comes from the sound (frequencies) being performed + the mindset adopted by the sound therapist, and the energy he or she thus brings to the sound making.


The Sound Healing performer's intent must be “uncluttered” with personal thoughts, devoid of self-limiting ego, set altruistically, and must largely follow intuition as a guide - rather than pre-set lists of formulas.  

Quite naturally, there can only effective and natural flow of intuition and healing energy if we have a mind specifically and exclusively set to work for the good of the audience or individual. 

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